Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mossie concept art

Just a short post since I'm busy being pulled in a dozen different directions; I got roped into helping someone create a short health and safety film, drafting a project proposal, raising finances and even managed to fix a long standing bug in Combat-Helo. Now the sensors, line of sight and all that guff is now WORKING again,  Hooray. A quick background on that, an engine update needed to fix some occlusion issues slightly changed the Model hierarchy in a subtle way that changed how actual filenames of models were retrieved, long story short, they no longer matched the ones in the vehicle database as they had "lod1" suffixed to everything . But hey it was a quick fix once traced, I digress as usual.

Talented Paolo, creator of many a fine mascot has been working on some fictional nose-art and patches for the squad mascot in Combat-Helo. We knew we wanted it to feature a mosquito, the mosquito is the nickname allegedly given to the AH-64D by Taliban forces. Incidentally it was also the aircraft my father was attached to during World War II so I felt it had a double meaning.

The character will be visible on squad patches and eventually be available as nose-art.

"Mossie" copyright 2012 Paolo Pomes

Below is an earlier draft of "Mossie" to help decide on nose style, the nose later became the Apache's signature Bushmaster cannon.

Please post your thoughts and comments on "mossie", suggestions for what he can hold in his left hand are invited.


Finished adding additional features of the KBU, namely auto pop-up and closure of the unit when you click on an MPD function that requires entry; setting hi and lo bug. And manual range entry. Now comes complete with blinky cursor and key highlight when you move the mouse over the keys. All command entries are pushed back into the TAvionics message handler, there's an optional message history buffer (currently inactive).


  1. Hi Flex, Hi Paolo,

    I like the one with the Bushmaster a lot. I think its a really nice pice of work and gives CH a individual touch.
    What about holding a Hellfire in the left hand.

    Best regards

  2. Yeah, I was actually working on two variants.
    A thumbs-up one as per Flex Suggestion,
    Another with the left arm mirroring the right one with the missile under it...

    Really wanted to put a Hellfire somewhere ;) Pun not intended...

    What about that rocket pod, is it really fitted onto the Apache?
    Now that I look at it, shouldn't I use the 19 rockets one?

    Ach! Wrote more than I wanted...

  3. he's cool Paolo... My idea, for what its worth is maybe him stinging (or diving on) a Russian T-72 since thats one thing the apache was developed for..

  4. How about a belt of 30mm over his left arm and a Heelfire under his right?? Looks great tho!!

  5. Yeh I was thinking about an ammo belt coming over left shoulder, through his open left hand and into the left corner of this mouth (feeding Bushmaster so to speak). Maybe a few empty cannon shells and some gun flare.

    Not sure about the rocket pod, too distracting from main art for me or make it smaller so that mossie stands out more.

  6. Someone on the Leadwerks forum (where this blog gets copied) mentioned an ammo-belt over the left arm.

  7. The ammo belt is already there! :)
    Nice thought, though.

    I was waiting to rendering it after the final position of the arm...

    Man-made z buffer ;)

    Over the left shoulder you can see the single bullet, already finished.
    Before copying it in an ammo-belt fashion, I want to have it coloured so I don't have to do it every single time.

    Taking notice about the Rocket pod...
    Luckily I work in a very ordinate way, so everything has it's own layer, easy to move/modify...

    Soon we'll have something more to see ;)

    Oh, and Thanks everyone!

  8. +1 on the Hellfire in the left hand, with the rocket motor ignited.