Friday, 11 November 2011

Lest we forget



  1. Is this an ingame screenshot?

  2. It's a ingame screenshot without french flag, it's a major diplomatic accident !
    I call ASAP my friend Sarko, yes i Cannes !!! :P

  3. My apologies :P we have flags for all NATO countries and more available is in game objects. It's just my avionics test map which happens to have those flags already on it.

    As for the in-game screenshot question, it is but we won't be adding ground vegetation initially. I added it for the event and tweaked the sky colour. There's a ton of extra detail we can add but not a priority.

  4. I was just curious because it was the first time i saw such ground detail in a flight sim. Looks better than skyrims vegetation :P. Hope this will be integrated more sooner or later. Of course you wont see it that often from flight alt but I think it adds to the wow effect and a bit to the reality of the sim world.

    Nice screenie.

  5. Btw my new background image on android :)

  6. Maybe look at this image with alternative focus:

    If the engine would let us stream in veg data we'd done it from the start but the memory load is high. Version 2 in the planning stage will allow us to have this detail without difficulty.

    From the air it looks a bit scrappy, ground plants are too small to justify, except on special occasions such as that one.

    Those trees are Afghan pines btw.

  7. Still looking good in connection with flight sims after visiting the link. I think its necessary to see it in game to get a practicable view of them. Despite of theire beauty I will not miss them while beeing workloaded with my mission. Nice detail anyway. I hope we can get the firing in our hands soon. From the dissapointment of the Tkoh flight model tthat ruins this game for me at the moment I can't wait to feel ch in my hands. I'm anyway pretty optimistic since you've used htr.