Wednesday, 26 October 2011


While Dave is away hopefully keeping his head above water (all those Bear Grylls survival videos should come in handy) I've got not much else to do except worry and get on with my to-do list.

C-SCOPE was something I remember saying wouldn't make it but turned out to be a freebie since everything was available to simply drop it in.

[C-SCP] button on the FCR page overlays FCR target symbols on TADS video and HMD. Makes finding those hard to see vehicles a piece of cake.

C-SCOPE FCR symbols presented on the HMD


The High Action Display is currently getting an update for the ACQ interaction (I've tried really hard to work through what this does and how I can gamify it to make something both usable and understandable by normal people).

Also I'm overjoyed at getting news of our ATC audio recordings and looking forward to playing with that.


  1. Awesome work as usual, Flexman! I'm sure that I'll certainly use the C-Scope mode very much in Combat-helo.

  2. I also think that this will come in handy. Great!

  3. Looks really good Rich! It also should come pretty handy with the Air Surveillance mode...

  4. ya, that sounds like a handy gadget for finding those pesky AAAs.

    Did you have voice acting done for the ATC?

  5. ATC recording was done a year ago but I hadn't heard much about till recently (a complicated story of technical failure and assumption).

    The voice is someone well known to the sim community, I won't say more than that. It's more fun to keep his identity a secret.

  6. It's not Nick Cage, just getting that one out of the way.

  7. Not NICK CAGE!???!?!?!!?? how daaaare you.

    Anyway... watched this and it was somewhat interesting. some neat Pod video of taliban (Aka the evil Flintstones)

  8. I watched this on Channel 4 when it was televised. Like most of these shows they are available as a torrent somewhere.

    So long as we can get the game part right and make it feel you're actually achieving something or fighting to purpose then I'll be happy.

    This is a combat-simulator not a flight simulator. Currently the firing-range is not so much combat and it's kinda pissing me off as it's not representative of what the game is going to be. It's more of a tiny sandbox toy with a helicopter in it.


    And then it hit-me....a ZOMBIE INVASION SCENARIO.

    Just kidding.

  9. zombies are always a solid standby if you happen to be running short of those pesky terros.

    i finally dropped off the radar and canceled my cable and thus i download all my shows. oddly, if it weren't for my redneck , hick, scammer, cable company (whom capped internet usage) I never would have seen this show.

    not that great of a documentary, but the decision not to shoot the woman was interesting.

  10. The HAD is pretty straight forward, and I think with decent enough documentation folks would be able to understand it just fine. This is very, very impressive. As a current Apache pilot, visually and everything else wise this is incredible. I'll definitely be following this! Keep up the rock solid work.

  11. Brilliant, I hope we can get it working as accurately (with the usual caveats) as it looks.

    I find I'm having to put more and more restrictions on who controls what. It's not so much the HAD as the interaction between two crewmen and the different sensors. When you're not only coming to this new with no formal aircraft training (like me) and having to implement some way of replicating the logic in software for both crewmen (which has to work via network messaging) it got a little FUBAR.

    Didn't help I was trying to please the lazy gamer in me that wanted to do everything from one seat. Forgetting that I had to achieve this via 'helpers' (quiet 'macros' that configure a bunch of avionic switches to achieve some direct control).

    Basically it means NO SIMPLE controls will probably be allowed in multi-player mode (with front/rear players). It would interfere too much.

    Thanks for your comments.

  12. If you'd like, I can help clarify (within reason of course) stuff for you. I'm itchin' to get my hands on a rock solid Apache sim. Lemme know!

  13. Working on making it rock solid. But thanks for the offer BradMick. I think if there's an opportunity for Apache teams/crews to comment and provide feedback it will be when you have a beta you can pick apart. We will endeavour to make changes so long as the workload is reasonable.

    We've had comments about the lack of EUFD and the older rounded MPDs but they are mostly asthetic choices I've resisted changing.

  14. Cool, no worries! My only argument for the EUFD vs. the UFD is functionality. You end up loosing a lot of functionality for interacting with the comms system without the EUFD. It's pretty awesome. Either way, can't wait!

  15. Dave and I talked about an avionics/new Apache block as a DLC upgrade which will include some level of enhanced EUFD.

    We touched on it before, main points were lack of public domain data on the differences, avoiding sensitive areas and simply fonts too small to read on the EUFD display matrix from the normal view point.

    I think the stopwatch/timer was mentioned as the most useful function. Digital systems are evolving so fast today its hard to keep up.