Tuesday, 22 February 2011

FLT page - heading tape

Now we're going through our specification, adding elements as we go. I want to talk a little about how I build each element alas time is short today.

The heading tape has been written for the MPD class tonight. And I also added the rest of the button labels which doesn't take long at all. The "A/C" (aircraft) button wasn't in the cockpit database and hence, didn't work at all. This has now been added to all MPDs, this provides a short-cut to the new flight page (unless you're on the ground 'weight on wheels' where it calls the ENG page).

FLT page in progress
The tricky part of the heading tape is masking the area behind the large heading numbers without using stencils or clipping, did it using a logical alpha blending operation. The other problem was adding the offset to the tick marks (of which there are 21).

Assuming I get some time tomorrow I'll start on the new pitch ladder and watermark. Still looking for studio employment (full time only).

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