Friday, 3 December 2010

Coloured particle shadows

Just added coloured shadows to the rotor downwash/duster effect. It's a feature added to Leadwerks Engine when it added support for pureLight. It does require something of a beefy graphics card to render real-time smoke shadows. It certainly adds to the scene, some artefacts appear at some ranges from the shadow map. Need to investigate that.

A small problem emerges with the CH47, the helicopters are one way "portals", inside and the outside view is rendered around you seperate from the internal view. This way enviromental objects such as smoke do not intrude into the crew space. However we don't do the inverse, the CH47 has a large open cargo door at the rear. For performance we don't portalise aircraft interiors when the observer is located outside. To fix it, one option might be to insert a mask for cockpit/cargo areas into the foreground world. A simple cube/shape that matches the internal dimensions of a vehicle rendered in the foreground world maybe? On the whole it's only noticeable when looking up close from the rear. I wonder if it's worth the time and trouble.

*edit* btw these are test objects in the editor simply used for checking the materials, scripts and lighting. Also the new SSAA screen-space anti-alias is being used.

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  1. Chinook farts?

    The entire cargo bay and cockpit is 1 mesh and is separated from the fuselage so there's some scope for smoke and mirrors. Think you're right though, not worth the time.

    The cockpit glass looks much better with the cubemap assigned. Agree on the new SSAA. I tried it a few days ago and it seemed to be much smoother without the fuzzy hangover look of the default AA.