Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tuesday - map almost completed

Spent a lot of time today house cleaning. No not code, literally the house. It's amazing what teenagers can do to your treasured Monty Python DVD collection, it's not funny. Stop that, it's silly.

I over-complicated the map drawing and stripped it down. Added functionality to the TSD page for controlling the map scale. I'm happy that it will work with 3rd party maps too. Oh I just noticed in the screen shots the scale index is off by one.

The green colour is from the low elevation range but I blend some of the terrain colour too which I should perhaps leave out since it gives a false impression. I'll add a button on the page to cycle map modes rather than have to go through a sub page perhaps. Otherwise it might get (more?) confusing. Hey, Longbow 2 had one button to cycle through NAV/ATK and BOTH....and no map unless you flew the Kiowa (I think).

So tonight I'll add the aircraft datum (the helo symbol on the map focal or point of rotation) and begin adding the glyphs for the waypoints and other symbols that we want to appear on the map. Should finish adding the waypoint data while I'm at it (ETA etc). I can't work out endurance time yet as the fuel data isn't yet present. It varies with payload and altitude, there's a table in the A model dash-10.

Would like to have an elegant algorithm to approximate it.

Tweaked the map levels to balance the contrast more...you're more interested in the symbology not the lumpy bits.

* update*

Adding more functions to the TSD, hand entering the vertices for each glyph (symbol) that will appear for various things. Dave updated my track texture so they are 'slightly' easier to spot but I think I'll have to think about reading road data and plotting it to the 'master map buffer' that's processed during game initialisation.

Need my TrackIR and (crumbling) pro-clip to get up close to see the detail properly.

* edit *

Another pic to show a bit more clearly the pit self-shadow which is not always obvious due to the shielded nature of the pit and my default sun position.

Also has experimental new baked AO on instruments.

Pit self-shadows indeed
AO work on the side panels, more subtle

Showing the new vector improvements on the ENG page


  1. All looking pretty good Richard.

    Algorithm for Fuel Flow & endurance data.
    Weight is easy as its pretty linear, although you must remember to update it when you launch munitions and use Fuel.
    Altitude = Air density = (p*M)/(R*T) where
    p is pressure (Pascals, 101325 Pa = sea level)
    M is mass of dry air (0.0289644 kg/mol)
    R is universal gas constant (8.31447 J)
    T is temp in Kelvin

    For T, I would assume a dry adiabatic lapse rate of 2C per 1000ft.
    p, again keep it simple by using 100Pa = 30 feet
    (do you intend to allow the player to set the altimeter subscale and varying pressure with weather conditions?)

    Send me the offending page from the dash-10 and I'll try an write a function.

  2. This kicks so much ass! Awesome!

  3. Formula done, check your email.

  4. Druid, nothing so far, not even in the spam trap, check address?

  5. Not sure, but will the cockpit be selfshadowed?

  6. The cockpit is self-shadowed. The large sun-shield does a good job though. I'll post a screen-shot to show it in a more obvious way. Often much of the pit is in shadow as you have a helicopter behind, a dash up front and the sides have sun screens and armor.

  7. Really really sweet :) Can't wait to strap myself on this baby. Need to buy a TrackIR also