Thursday, 16 September 2010



I wasn't sure about the STOW angles so I set the PNVS to 165 inboard (0=along the nose) and TADS 180' inboard. Activated via the NVS mode switch in the cockpit (or CTRL S). The CPG station doesn't seem to have the noeswheel/NVS panel unless we missed it. You'll just have to play as the pilot if you want to flip the switch by hand.

Switch has 3 position, off (stows the sensors for transitional flight), normal for tracking head movement and fixed for boresight (straight ahead).

The NVS Mode switch is located forward of the engine power levers, left side panel.


  1. Amazing. That TADS movement is so real. focus on finishing this sim till Xmas, because I cant wait any longer. :-O

  2. Apache: Air Assault Debut trailer revealed. Cool graphics, awesome TADS, but crappy gameplay. :-) Still can be fun to play, while waiting for Combat Helo. :-)

  3. Gave me a chance to play with this tiny HD pocket video camera and the Blogger video upload facility. Which I'll do more often as it's a great way of illustrating things moving with little effort.

    I have to change the stow direction and speed. I wasn't just doing that, made a lot of changes to the back end for improving how to handle helicopter updates, engines and the ENG page.

  4. Ive seen a video, where the pilot has MFD page looking like hybrid between situational awareness and HSI. Do You have to use only preloaded nav route or You can set Your own? :-o

  5. I'm not too familiar with what you're talking about. Navigation won't be too in depth, if we ever get paid to do a "pro" version of the Apache with all the realistic bells and whistles then yes. But I think a TSD with waypoints and the usual HMD navigation symbology should suffice.

    Anyway, I've corrected the TANDS and PNVS so they now rotates at the correct speed, direction and angle.

    TADS slews at 60 degrees a second which can be a bit laggy if you move fast enough.

  6. I didnt want You to program it into the sim. I was just asking, how it works. :-) Thanks.

  7. Just to make sure, PNVS/TADS do not stow coupled (together) as in this video, they are independent, I am sure you know that, if so disregard. Also PNVS is faster in movement.

    Guys, I am looking at tracking to UH-60Ms for a potential NightStalkers career, so I apologize if I won't be able to feed real life info in the future on the 64...