Friday, 27 August 2010

Summer Sim 2010 pre-flight

All the things we want to show but can't. Still making some final hour changes to get a robust demo working that can be operated by Joe Public (I'm told he's coming along). A simple flying demo that will show the technology, Afghan map, lighting and cockpit. It has the mark 1 flight model I keep tweaking. sounds could be better. I wish I had time to do the landing gear joints, it's hard to land without wheels.

Better stop with the bloggin and get back to writing.

Exterior lighting in place complete with programmable strobe sequence and interior cockpit light visible from the exterior. Spotlight will be steerable eventually. The so-called "slime-lights" or formation lights will have to wait. Nav lights are probably too bright, but as they say, on stage everything is bigger. Movie rain is way bigger than real rain so it shows up on camera.


  1. Here is one of the photos I found regarding the lightning.

    Best regards.

  2. I dont know the specs for the nav lights on the Apache but I would guess that they conform to the usual aircraft ICAO standard.
    The wingtip lights are only visible for 110 degrees. Where zero degrees is parallel to the aircrafts fuselage. The white tail light normally has a 70 degree view (i.e. 35 degrees either side of the fuselage centre line).
    I would tone down the Nav lights intensity (understand the movie effect though) only because they will disorientate if too intense, may also look a little weird with the white landing lights switched on.
    Good luck with the show, sorry I can't make it. Top tip - don't try and keep up with Cyclic at the bar!

  3. Druid just a correction there, the white tail light is visible through 140º, 70º each side according ICAO.

    I would also turn down the intensity of navigation lights, it's as bright as the landing light.

    Best regards.

  4. yep you're right 70 either side .. ooops. Also its not necessarily on the tail, it can be on the rear of the wingtip. Doubt this is the case on the stubby apache wing though.