Thursday, 15 July 2010

Some improvements to the MPDs

Added a simple frame-skip to MPD draw method, they don't need to be updated every single frame and it squeezes out a little extra. Found a "toob" video in which you get a couple of frames of the UTIL page. Anti-ice and FMS options, presumably this is where you can toggle pitch roll and yaw augmentation. Well seems like a good place to add that and we will need to flag some FMCS values for HTR which can auto-trim. Turning that off in the UTIL page will be handy. Looks like "NOE?" at the bottom too. No idea what channel that's supposed to be.

Got some strange problem with my matricies with the new vector glyph render, fixing that this morning. Will update with a screen-shot when fixed. 
Noooo, a totally numb-nutz error. My old OpenGL line macro uses integer verts, switching to floats. Oh man, how dumb.

PC froze unexpectedly this morning. It hasn't done that in ages.

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  1. Mmmmm....well........I really would like to understand to all those things, You have written here. :-)