Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Splash one load screen

We've been using the black and orange diamond logo for some time, it needed to reflect the game colour palette. As a 90's homage to sims of that era, a saturated colour scheme with the GUI elements using 90'-45' angles, black and orange. Two contrasting colours that are visible against most backgrounds.

It wasn't until after I had designed and coded a number of elements that I noticed other military games using the same colours.

Why bother with stuff like splash screens at this stage?

They set a tone and expectation when showing demos, fix the colours and facilitate feedback on identity early on when things are still fluid. In our case, we have possible issues of copyright and licensing, issues that came about through the process of establishing identity. Matters that are hardly trivial.

Plus the above vignette style works much better on multi-screen monitors when centred than the old one which was stretched. This has better overall presentation. Logo is still in flux but overall colours and shape are there and reflected through the whole game in every interface element.


  1. I wouldn't use a texture on the font. Textures tend to be complicated when you need to use bigger logos (for shows, for example).

    I think solid colors would work better. Just my opinion.

    Also, I would try a black or white border on the helo silhouette to provide better contrast with all types of backgrounds. Same with the letters on "operation counter insurgence".

    I can give it a try if you want me to. I'm no designer but I know my way around Photoshop. Send me the original logo and I'll see if I can make it work a bit better.

    Take care.

  2. Ack, it was supposed to be a solid colour, didn't notice till you pointed it out. Done that before. I'll give the stroke a go.

  3. BTW doing the logo in vectorial format is a nice bet too. No loss when blowing it up. Let me know if I can help.

  4. Updated, I had checked the texture in the layer options. And I took opportunity to add a stroke path as you suggested.

    I sent the PSD to your gmail account all the same.

  5. Hi. I like it. I agree with Spac3Rat. Vectors are always better for any type of printing method or upscaling. And in future possible printed materials, You have a good way, how to save a lot of money with one or max. two colours logo. :-) Ideal for duplex manual and such things.