Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Middle East city block

Dexsoft's Middle East City pack has been tweaked by the Dave-9000 supercomputer and has produced a low poly high density city block of 1038 polys. Requiring heavy edits of UV co-ordinates and placing all the textures onto a single surface for blinding performance.

Perfect for iPhone and as a building block of the high-density city of Herat.


  1. Looking great. I can imagine a guy on one of those roofs firing some RPGs, downing a Blackhawk. No, wait...

  2. When I see a rooftop I imagine laundry being hung out to dry and happy children playing. I don't see all this dark stuff others seem to do :)

    There's a lot of good out there. Although those games don't appeal to the "core" crowd.

    Troops are out there making a difference and in our game you'll be in their shoes doing the same, making life a little better and getting a warm glowy feeling. We hope.

  3. So, in a combat context, you imagine laundry being hung and children playing on a roof?

    Geez I don't even want to start thinking what comes to your mind next! :P

    Yeah people want to blow virtual stuff up (I know I do). We're evil... Or maybe not. Maybe we just want to blow *virtual* stuff up. Not real stuff.

  4. I suppose it's because I can't actually blow stuff up in the game yet so the 'evil' gene hasn't kicked in :)

  5. LOL just wait for it then :P

    Or you can always throw some cake at the children playing on the rooftops.

  6. This is amazing all the time surprises us something:)

  7. I like them, nice and detailed.

    So it seems this sim is going to require some intelligent questions to be answered during a mission. "Is this a huge camera or a stinger this man is carrying?"

    I´m really looking forward to the asymetrical b campaign.