Sunday, 30 May 2010

Can you tell what it is yet?

Dave's been busy building the unsung hero of Afghanistan and other operations around the world.

Rolf: Can you tell what it is yet? ;-)

It's a non-flyable but will feature prominently in the game as you'll be tasked to provide armed escort for supply, insertion and extraction missions.

Much time has been spent correcting smoothing errors. Brilliant work. We'll be adding the same functionality to the rotors and rear door using LUA scripts. This morning we were looking at the various flavours of cockpit, of which there are many. Never the same cockpit twice. I thought the Apache tandem cockpit was complex. The amount of work required to make this a flyable is out of the question right now. It's a level of complexity rivalling the Apache and a candidate for future expansion.


  1. Oh, the "Shin-uk"! Nice! I don't like the color scheme though. Too high-profile ;)

  2. Its the high visibility lightweight version. V.nice!

  3. Lots of little bugs have now been fixed and it's about to get put through the detail process before being mapped and finally painted. It should be ready in about half-a-million rivets.

    It has the prospect of being an interesting future flyable.

  4. Awesome. I'll fetch my rivet gun.

    It strikes me that maybe there should actually be some kind of rivet tool for putting those in along paths.

  5. /shoots foot with rivet gun