Thursday, 20 May 2010

Building a city, Herat

Another update of map progress on the SimHQ Combat Helo forums. Showing how the City of Herat as a sprawl of densely packed compounds and commerce is being built. Using blocks of prefabs and arranged on a grid. This is a selection of my favourite.

Meant to be viewed from a low altitude, the prefabs do a good job of keeping the eye busy. Here is half a city already with parks and minarets to add. All built to be frame-rate friendly.

And a mini-game for your base, the "Hello World" of physics engine programming, shooting hoops. Camp Stone has it's very own half-court.


  1. This is looking really really good flex. Almost lovely :)

    This mini game is also a good idea. Interesting.

    I would appreciate to be a very critic beta tester.

  2. Looking great. I want to explore that city!

    Beta testing is fun! Having your computer crash and then trying to make it happen again and again. My computer loved it! :P

  3. Very nicely done and great ideas.

  4. nice, for comparisons with some of my images eech2, because it is difficult to find some nice pictures from this game

  5. Cheers, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to make from EECH mod pictures. I tend not to look at other games too closely and I encourage the team not to look at prettier games and focus on the 90s look and feel.

    The white fringing on those trees are pretty bad though. That could be fixed with a new mask.