Thursday, 15 April 2010

Testing Autopatcher Software

Currently testing the autopatcher software. Broadband upstream speeds being what they are, don't make this a fast process. The project core files are currently around the 300mb mark spread over 1300+ files. This will come down when we package them.

The benefits of having an autopatcher is the ability to push updates for CombatHelo on a regular basis without too much hassle and players having to negotiate versions when playing with friends. Just run the updater and everyone should be in sync.


  1. Autopatcher?Great, all week new surprise;)
    Sorry for my bad english, i have 2 questions:
    What about mods? Its close mood tools, or full open?
    And 2- what about donations?this game full free, and U accept free donations(paypal etc) or this game have any protection?( serial, etc)?

  2. Thats the best way to be user friendly, nice.

    Should be payware once finished :)

  3. @Banita

    Your question about mods is difficult to answer. I've had to borrow money to help complete this project.

    For mods, adding new vehicles is a complicated enough process as it is. But we might be able to work something out to enable limited modifications. Skins and audio. But nothing that will break the update process or multi-player, or devalue future downloadable content.

    As regards copy protection, I'm not a fan of DRM, that will be a matter for the publisher. As we're making a retro style game I think one of those silly code-wheels might be charming...for about 5 minutes. I'm all in favour of zero DRM and put my faith in people doing the right thing if they can.

    There's a lot more we want to do with the game, new helicopters, new maps, avionic updates. But if we can't claw back the investment then none of that will happen.

    I've refused paypal donations so far. Depends how threatened the project becomes.

    Thank you all for your continued interest.

  4. Thanks for long answer;) yes, DRM not good, impact only for legal users, sad but true :(